RJK Difference

We lay the foundation for success
long before the first shovel hits the ground.


We believe there is a better way

We challenge the status quo and set new standards with an unwavering dedication to excellence and unmatched service. We forge strong, lasting relationships based on trust while remaining committed to making a positive impact on the world around us.

Our Promise

Our pledge to our clients is fortified by the assurance that comes from our team’s extensive expertise and proficiency. We ensure that we consistently produce work of the utmost quality with every project we undertake.

RJK’s Pre-construction Guarantee

Through our unique method, dubbed “RJK PROCESS,” we assure our clients a minimum of 10% savings in either their budget or project duration. Should we fail to deliver on this promise, our pre-construction services will be provided at no cost.​

Our Principles

We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, which guides us in making the best possible decisions on behalf of our clients. Your trust is our priority, and we’re dedicated to honoring it with every choice we make.

Ongoing Refinement

We adapt and refine our processes. Each project becomes a canvas for growth, where lessons learned become brushstrokes of progress.

Reduced Budget or Timeframe

Constraints are our catalysts. When budgets tighten or time shrinks, creativity blooms. We trim excess, sculpting efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Waste Reduction

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s part of our legacy. We salvage materials, minimize excess, and tread lightly on Earth’s canvas. Waste becomes an opportunity — a purpose.


Our promises are etched in stone. Timelines are more than dates; they’re commitments to dreams taking shape. We orchestrate time, ensuring that aspirations meet reality.

Collaboration & Transparency

Our language transcends blueprints. We speak in clarity, bridging gaps between architects, builders, and dreamers. Transparency is our mortar, binding trust.

Process optimization mapping

We dissect processes from procurement to finishing touches, optimizing and amplifying impact. Efficiency is a goal.

What Sets Us Apart
Clients seek us out for our industry-leading, end-to-end solutions, which encompass a full spectrum of expertise and enhance each stage of the construction process.
Our commitment to transparency and openness ensures peak efficiency and superior construction quality.
Genuine Collaboration​
We align our methods with our client’s vision, where all parties are actively and sincerely engaged.
Central Communication Point​
Dedicated, Client-Centered, Process-Driven. Consistent Engagement with our clients and Progress Transparency.
Expedited Construction Timeline​
Integrated Construction Proficiency, a comprehensive approach to managing all facets of a construction project, leading to streamlined processes and quicker completion times.
Cultivating Key Market Alliances
A proactive approach to developing significant connections that benefit clients and ensure optimal results.
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RJ Kearey Construction planning meeting.

Embracing Collaboration


Countless individuals contribute to a construction project, and the finest results stem from their unified efforts. Diverging from the norm, we embrace close collaboration with architects from the outset, during design and preconstruction, to guarantee the realization of their vision in its entirety upon project completion. This commitment to additional oversight not only enhances the end product for our clients but is also a practice we stand firmly behind and assure with confidence.

Our commitment to this strategy has consistently delivered approximately 10% savings on project costs and/or duration; we invest the time and effort needed for mutual success, avoiding pitfalls and ensuring a seamless construction process or our pre-construction services are free.

Devoted to Excellence

Legacy Builders

This spirit is woven into the fabric of our organization, driving us to expand our expertise in dedication to our customers and our way of doing things. It’s evident in our direct execution of tasks, managing a broad spectrum of activities from woodworking and joinery to masonry and metalwork, as well as infrastructure and excavation. We champion a diverse team proficient in building, modular construction, and production. We are Genuine Constructors with a legacy devoted to the excellence of our trade.



While some organizations resist change, clinging to their traditional methods, we welcome it with open arms. Our commitment lies in uncovering breakthroughs that will enable us to build better, faster, and more cost-effectively. We have pioneered advancements in prefabrication and technology, yet our quest continues for fresh solutions to the enduring, troublesome challenges our customers encounter.

LEED-Certified Practices

Social Impact

With each project we construct, we recognize that our endeavors propel our communities forward. Beyond merely reinforcing infrastructure, we’re establishing the lasting bedrock upon which future generations will depend—helping people build a better today in tomorrow’s world.

As builders, we believe that the most significant way to contribute to the world is by reducing our impact on it. This commitment drives us to use fewer resources and construct with a sustainable future in mind. Our expertise in LEED-certified building practices has led us to complete several projects that meet rigorous sustainability standards.

Let’s Build Something Extraordinary

If you’re ready to see how we can help you with your construction project, please reach out to us.